My Kid are Perfectly Normal..... (repost from 4/13)

My Kids Are Perfectly Normal......
Do you like that title?  Are you worried that I'm living a little bit of my own personal denial fantasy here again - with a serious need for therapeutic intervention?  Probably so - especially when we consider the fact that I for some reason want my kids to be other than normal.

You kids are 100% normal as individuals with FASD, ADHD, AD's, SPD's and LD's.  They act, and think and behave exactly as they should.  They are doing everything just fine.  I'm the one with the problem.  I think the busy hands associated with impulse control should be stilled, the distractibility created by ADHD should be focused and the maturity that develops slowly with FASD should hurry up!

I need some serious counseling.
And another cup of coffee.
And a good slap upside my head.

Because I am sure I could tear my own house down overnight if I try to make it what I want rather than what it is.  I am surrounded by incredible people and I need to be sure I am not setting them up for trouble by trying to force them into being something they are not.  That's just a recipe for disaster.

Thank you God today for my perfectly normal family - for blessing us with variety and excitement and for creating the unique beauty of each one.  And for reminding me again that it's not about me but about what you are doing here.....Amen