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Urban Servant: Hope, Healing and Growth as a Family....

Greetings Faithful Friends and Followers of Urban Servant. First, I want you to know that you are precious to me. Each of you is unique and special. Every reader a gift, a blessing and a special type of friend.  Accept that please - you are each beautiful and have your own special story. Due to your faithful support, we passed 2,500 posts, 1.5 million hits (between the two platforms) and a lifetime of learning over the past 9 years.  Almost all of those posts are archived now due to the changes in our life- but they are available if needed.  Please feel free to ask if you are looking for something specific.  I will not be returning to blogging here in the foreseeable future but I am leaving Urban Servant live in case things shift. Which brings us to today. We are thriving.  Healing from the trauma of recent years and learning a new pattern of life that embraces everything that is good without being controlled by legalistic rules or fear.  The promise of Psalm 30:5 "Weeping

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