The Seven Days Of Thanksgiving.....

In my last post I revealed my new game plan for dealing with the ongoing holiday stress cycle that our family reality creates and I thought you just might get a good laugh  out of hearing how it went.

I've named it the 7 days of Thanksgiving......

On the first day - which was last Sunday.  We cooked and devoured the turkey a pumpkin pie and a huge dish of winter veggies.  I was feeling cocky by Monday morning when the roasting pan was washed and everything was wiped down and put away.

 On the second day we put up the Christmas tree, baked a treat and called it good. 
I also chose a bottle of wine from the special stash that my girlfriends provided - not because it would go with the food but simply because it was pink (a bubbly rose) which made me smile to look at  and even better,  because it had this awesome bottle and totally fun girl name.  Thankfully it was tasty also.   Yes..... I know this is not how to pick my wines - but if it makes me happy I think the Reverse Wine Snob just might give it a chick flick - happy feeling - what the heck thumbs up because it made my day.

On the third day we made cornbread and settled in with  a fresh batch of colds which might turn into something more.....but didn't. 

In celebration of not being really sick we spent all day Wednesday baking pies with the crew and girlfriends at the house in preparation for the BIG SURPRISE which we didn't know was coming. Shepard's Pie, Apple Pie, Coconut Pumpkin Pie..... it was all good and we loved using up some of the strange bits and pieces in the freezer.....and even thought about wiping it out since it was almost empty.

Which turned out to be a good thing.

Wednesday night we got a call that there was some excess food available for late pickup if we wanted it. Since feeding 12 + of us takes a lot of supplies I am always on the lookout for ways to stretch the budget and free food is one of them. 10:15pm found Hannah and I out gleening in a dark alley in South Minneapolis.  Not dumpster diving...but freezing our tails off and then dealing with a cranky 15 pass van that didn't want to start.

But we were happy.  There was enough bread to fill one freezer, enough meat to keep things interesting, a box of fresh sandwiches and salads for Thanksgiving lunch  and a case of turkey pot pies for Thanksgiving dinner.  Well worth a late night trip in the bitter cold.

But God wasn't done yet.
Since under the Week Long Thanksgiving Plan we were not going to be spending our whole day cooking there was a bigger plan for us in motion that included being wholly devoted to giving and sharing out an abundance of amazing food  that would overwhelm us on a regular day. 
Much less a holiday. :)

The next morning I got a call and
had the fun of going back and filling up my 15 pass van with all of the rest of the food that was left from the distribution the night before.  Something like 20 huge fresh turkeys, 6 cases of bread, cases of baked goods, cases of meat, and an assortment of wonderful strange things like pumpkin brittle and fresh veggies. Which looked like this x 4 rows in the van.

And the party began....we buried turkeys in the snow banks, toted everything else into the house and put the word out to everyone close that we had food to share.  It was great fun - to have a rotating door of friends coming in to pick up and deliver food until at dinner time there were only 5 loaves left.

And the turkey pot pies went great with the home made cranberry sauce and pies from the day before.  And our Thanksgiving went on for three more days.....until today when we took our first full breath of Advent.


Dawn Rebekah said…
I love it! What a grand thanksgiving week.
Blessings, Dawn
Blessed said…
What a bounty of blessings! Amen!
Laurel said…
Looks like tonight became Late Night Catch Up reading. LOVE this post and the whole idea!!!