The Makings Of A Good Mamma Horror Film.....

It was a scene right out of a mamma horror film.

The moment where you realize that the coffee grounds a child spilled  the day before were the very last ones in the house.

And if  it happens to be day 5 of a high fever/cough-out-your-lungs sort of flu that is circling through the kids and the longest stretch of sleep you have seen was 2 hours - four days ago.

And your developing the cough that comes as a precursor to the debilitating fever.

And there is no-one else to step in and do your 24/7 job.

And a child is caught doing something that endangers everyone...and they don't understand what the big deal is.

These are the elements of what could have been a horror-story  Saturday - simply because they stacked up with the everyday drama and reality of parenting my 11 kids. It could have been just enough to bring this unprepared mama to her ever loving knees in  panic and joy-sucking fear.

Except it didn't  have to.
Unless I let it.
Because I know there is another way to deal with this
(and it doesn't include running away or overindulging in alcohol.)

If I can get my eyes out of the mess around me
and lay down the weight of it all.
to watch diligently for the blessings and mercies that come every morning -

I will see them.

They are there and the promises are true - I have not been forsaken, I am not alone, I am beloved and I am truly blessed.

Even if I don't sleep
Even if I get sick
Even if I have to call 911 for a child's febrile seizures that go on too long or the house is set on fire by a child....

Even if I don't 'feel' them.....they are still true.
But I have to open my eyes and my heart to see them or I will simply curl into a ball of despair.

So I can take my hot cup of Thera Flu with me into the shower  and instead of crying I can laugh.

Because one friend brought groceries in the morning - and another brought a hot meal at noon.

And no 911 calls needed to be made.  But if they did - my cell is working and I know the responders who are likely to show up.

And other friends came and brought gifts to pass through for another family - and a shopping bag full of wine - simply to make me smile.

Laughing and receiving the joy that comes when my heart is not set on this life being exactly what I want - but in trusting that is exactly what He wants it to be.


Chris said…
Dorothy, how do you do it? How do you come out of that with a GOOD attitude???????
I envy your faith, and your support system...friends like you have are worth more than gold!!
Merry Christmas from wet, humid, foggy Wis
dorothy said…
Hugs Chris - Without a 'God' attitude I would surely be dead by what is my real choice? :) LOVE YOU!
dorothy said…
And friends are worth far more than Gold.