If You Spend Yourselves In Behalf Of The Hungry.....

Magnets don't stick to the stainless front of my fridge but tape does and  have had this version of Isaiah 58:10 (by my girl friend Artsie Andie)  there to remind me each time I go to open it - of what I am called to as a believer and follower of Christ who has been blessed with much.  It does wonders for my soul - each time I look at the words- I hear the call and the promises and they are etched deeper into my heart......If you spend yourselves of behalf of the hungry......and satisfy the needs of the oppressed....then your light will rise out of the darkness...and your night will become like the noonday.  The Lord will guide you always....he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.You will be like a well watered garden, like a spring who's waters will not fail.  
Its these words - written on my heart that wont let me ignore the needs of the women and children of Tubor  village.  These are the hungry, they are the oppressed.  The 30 women who are member of the Tubor Co-operative are the mammas to 57 school aged children who I feel should be able to go to school and have regular meals.

But their mamas can't just make it happen - because  to often they have to make the choice...between food or education. Medical care, mosquito nets or malaria. Groan..
And I can't make it happen - I don't have the resources to write the check (ok - I could write the check...but it would bounce for sure!)  But I am sponsoring two of the mamas as well as advocating for the entire group.  But I am only one woman.
But God can make it happen.

Because he owns the cattle on a thousand hills and is pulling our village together from all over the world.  So that mama's in Uganda  - and every one of us who is willing to be a part of this wild thing he has going on - will know and see that God is taking care of his daughters by calling us to LOVE each other really well.  Not just with our money - $23/month is fairly painless for most of us - but by weaving our stories and hearts together in a new way.

Because some day soon....I dream that members of our virtual village (shoot - why wont I just say all of us?  Our God is the God of crazy big things.) Going to Tubor and being able know and be known by the women there because we have relationships through our facebook page, messages passed back and forth through our Ugandan team and the power of agreeing together in prayer that we are called to live life freely in Christ and boldly in him for the joy of ourselves and others. 

All it will take is us being willing.  For us to step out in faith that the God who built all things has this one small thing also.  Bringing together 23more women into one cyber place to love on and celebrate all that he does with the women of Tubor.

Do you want to join us? Do you have the desire to join this beautiful group of 10 women from Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin  and Canada, ( whooot!  I am no longer alone :)as we speak and act to change the lives of women and children on the other side of the world?

Will you stand with us as we say that they are worth it?  If you are ....follow this link and join us in the celebration.  Because I know that the single moms and widows of Tubor Village have hope and a future that we get to rejoice in with them.