What I Am Reading Now: Safe People by Cloud and Townsend...

As parents we teach our children all about stranger danger and personal safety. We lecture daughters and single adult friends who walk in dark alleys alone at night and explain the risks inherent in meeting guys in 'chat' rooms. 

But there is a whole world of safety that doesn't include our physical bodies as much as our metal and emotional ones.   Teaching our children how to protect and care for these parts of themselves in relationships is just as important as physical safety, but many of us are woefully unprepared in how to go about it.

In  Safe People by Henry Cloud and John Townsend (Christian viewpoint)  they present a simple but understandable explanation of 'relational safety'  for those who want to address this topic in our families.  As a 47 year old reading it I found I had a lot to learn- about both being a safe person and choosing safe people as close friends.   Lessons I am weaving into our family meetings this fall and through the fabric of our days as I prepare the team from 4 to 18 to set out and face the world they live in.