Thursday, February 6, 2014

Homeschool Familes in Minneapolis Issued 1099-misc forms: The Rest Of The Story......

Yesterday I posted on the mystery 1099-misc income statements that the Minneapolis School District had sent out to families who applied for the Aid to Non-Public Students in 2012/2013.

After a few extra departmental transfers, some mystery logic and a quiet threat to call the HSLDA if I couldn't figure out why 1099's were being issued -  I reached an accounting supervisor today at Minneapolis Public Schools who confirmed that they had been sent out in error and would be corrected before the IRS received notification.


But I sure am glad that I picked up on this error and called to stir that pot before people started including them in their 2013 income and paying state and federal taxes that are not owed.  (Don't include them if you receive one - it is not taxable income - its reimbursement which is totally different!)

Yeah...I love tax season.  It brings out the accounting geek in me and lets me use some of that graduate school education that sits on the dusty top shelf most days.  Thanks again mom - grad school was not a waste of money!

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Anonymous said...

It's hard not to cry "FOUL" and be suspect of the school but the reality is they are probably having just as much trouble understanding all the tax laws as we are! Thank you, Great Tax Defender!!!


P.S. I love taxes too! Even after our year-long battle with them over the adoption credit too.