Monday, February 3, 2014

Good Morning Haters....

Because of the wonderful reality of the internet I know that you have chosen to again focus your attention on myself and several of the women who are my friends.  I can see what you are reading here and if I cared to track you back to where you gather I could read your opinions of who we are and what we do. It's ok - this is a public blog and the message is the same weather you like it or not.  I'm not a delicate flower that is hurt by your words - because I am not blogging or living my life to gain your approval.  But you have made me smile - because you reminded me that you are out there and in that are giving me the chance to pray specifically for you - which is a gift to me.

May God bless you abundantly and beyond all measure today.  May your hearts be overflowing with the reality that there is something beyond this hour, this moment, this thought - something better than trying to escape pain.  May your hurts be healed and your minds at peace. May you know the depth and the truth of love - and may your hearts place God above all others.

Good morning Haters. May you joyfully receive the new mercies that come with every morning.


Blessed said...

WHAT? How is that possible???!!! Does it have anything to do with the trauma one friend of yours is facing because of a missing child?! Oh, the shame. THE SHAME.

If any haters read this, Dorothy is clearly a gracious (as in GRACE-filled) woman, and she is one of the strongest women I know, so she's right--sticks and stones won't hurt her. I am glad she is praying for you, because if you use time and the Internet to tear hurting families down, then you are really someone who needs prayer. And you need Jesus. You might even think you already know Jesus, but I think it is safe to assert that anyone who speaks ill of a fellow Christian mom in any public arena does not really understand what it means to live a life free--as in set FREE--from sin. You are in spiritual bondage, ladies. Time to turn your critical eye and tongue to your own self, and then listen to yourself.

I know it must be weird, Dorothy, publishing this comment, since I am a)not being quite as gracious as you, and b)I am defending you. But please do. If they are reading your blog, maybe they will read this. I want them to realize you are LOVED and SUPPORTED just as you are--as are your friends! You go ahead and pray for your haters, Dorothy--I am praying for you and the Sistas and your families.

With much love,

Anonymous said...

I know what you're talking about and I have read there and so wanted to sign up to respond but I have wondered if it's casting pearls before swine. I pray their words aren't damaging you.

Laine said...

Well I must live under a rock because I don't know about any 'haters' of your family...but I do know I love love love your blog. I still read! I just can't comment very often....but thank you for being faithful to God and to your family and your neighborhood and your church and your friends. I have learned so much from your blog posts. Big hugs from AL!

Lisa said...

Oy! I do NOT like it when I read these things! Inevitably someone closes down their blog and I lose another cyber-pal (even if you/they don't know we are pals-lol) and frankly, I cannot afford to lose one more voice of love, determination and fortitude.

Keep on praying Dorothy - only your besties really know what you're up against. :)

Anonymous said...

There is a website that's sole purpose is to bash bloggers and apparently they particularly hate adoption, especially by Christian families. Of course, the lion's share believe Christians to be : small minded, evil, lacking in intelligence, brain washed, you get the idea. It shouldn't surprise me because adootin is the very essence of the love of God for us, but when I was made aware of the conversation, I made the poor choice to read it. Unfortunately, it's like poking at a sore spot and despite my misgivings, I have kept abreast of the conversation. As I mentioned to Dorothy in my previous post, I have battled the desire to join that site to respond, but I have seen women responding to lues spoken about their own families, and I have seen truth spoken and be rejected. I realized they don't want to receive truth. It breaks my heart to see the hatred agenda being spread.