Thursday, December 26, 2013

Girlfriend Hint: Cell Phones That wont Charge.....

A week ago I picked my cell up off the counter and it was totally unresponsive.  Like beyond dead.  Dead as in 'don't let myself panic....breath and think this through.'  The first thing I did was trying charging it.  No response.  Then I took my husbands battery and tried it in my phone...which made it work normal.  So I looted the basement, found the spare battery I had stashed for just this sort of situation and plugged it in to charge overnight.  Which sort of worked - it was like the charging port was wearing out or just wasn't charging properly.

So I freaked just a little.  Which is understandable since I use my phone more than any tool to keep our life running smoothly ......and it was Christmas Eve which is the three ring circus X 11. Thankfully I have a team of guys at the T-mobile store who still smile when I arrive and are more than willing to help me solve everything from hacked internet, broken screens and phones that will not charge.

Those guys took one look and smiled.  Not the evil "now you need a new phone which will push my sales up for the day" one - but the "I'm going to make you so happy...and do it for free" version.  As he explained...the solution was simple.  I had lint and corrosion in the charging port.  Lint from real life - which they dug out with a straight pin.  And corrosion from exposure to humidity.  Like taking it into the bathroom when I shower, tucking it into my bra or back pocket when I sweat and using the arm band when I workout.  They used an alcohol wipe (pushing it in with the pin) to clean off the corrosion..and like magic my phone was able to charge again.

How's that for a girlfriend hint?  Charging problems?  Clean out the port.  So simple and so free. :)