Saturday, October 26, 2013

Books Headed Out On Monday......

Our case of The ADHD Effect On Marriage arrived today - within minutes my team of willing helpers had carefully - and not so carefully - shoved them into mailing envelopes which my real life friend Carrie so thoughtfully provided, (THANKS I was out of the small ones!)  I'm sure that some of the recipients will find a linguini noodle  or a few sticky fingerprints on their covers since we had just finished dinner.  Just proof that my team really did prepare them for mailing. 

They will go out on Monday and arrive in Canada, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Ohio, Alabama, Wisconsin, Washington and a few other assorted states by the end of the week.

Our hope and prayer is that they would land in exactly the right hands.  That marriages would be strengthened so that understanding and healing might begin.  It is possible....we are living proof.

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jodilee0123 said...

I might have to get that book--even though my marriage ended...maybe it can help me process.