Saturday, October 19, 2013

ADHD Effect On Marriage Book Give Away: The Winners Are.........

EVERYONE who entered wins this time!

I took a look at the list of entries this morning and considered what a difference in my own marriage the book has made.  First I planned to give away one copy, then I expanded it to three.  But I couldn't honestly choose who to send it to without 'cheating' because I want to see healed marriages - which put me into a pickle.

So I txted my husband, prayed over it and realized that we have the chance to speak hope into so many families by sharing this book.

Families I love.
Relationships that are on the brink of ruin.
Marriages where something is 'off' - but no one can figure it out.
And the answer came.

Everyone who was bold enough to step out and ask
should win.

Because for some it was a cry for help
For others a longing to understand

Both legitimate.
Both important.

Hundreds of people read the post - but only 18 entered on FB or here at the blog.

Those 18 I ordered books for
Because we - my husband and I
See the beautiful way that God is healing our relationship
through understanding, medication, and a new awareness
of the real challenges that we face.

I looked at the total on Amazon
And smiled.
Because if only one marriage is changed through this
then the $250 will be well spent.

It was an awesome pause in my life
To ask the question......
How seriously do we care about others marriages?

And to know in my heart  and to read in the txt that my husband sent the resounding 'yes!.... do it!'

Blessings over everyone of you today - the books are ordered and as soon as they arrive I will send them out.  I promise to pray healing, understanding and restoration over each address and every hand that they will land in.  Trusting that the God who built our families will bless those who are living with the confusion of the ADHD effect on their marriages.

Hopeful that even one marriage will be restored....I can't wait to hear what God is up to with this. 

Please respond with your address either through email here or in the comment section which I moderate and will not publish  - and if you wanted to enter and didn't please send me your address also....there are always some people who don't answer so you might be a back up winner!


One Thankful Mom said...

Dorothy, I learn something from you nearly every time you touch my life, either through your blog, real life, or through the way you love and care for my daughter. Thank you for the book. I'll look for an opportunity to bless someone in a similar way.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome, Dorothy and Robert!