Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holding On - On The Hardest Days....

Do you ever wonder how people manage the 'hardest' things on the 'hardest' days?
What happens after someone posts their agony on facebook or sends out the heart breaking cry 'please pray!'
Do you step in?
Should you?
Do you wish you could?
In our hardest hours - as we walked through the darkest valleys- when I needed to be reminded to breath in and then prompted to breath out.  Where simply holding on was hard work and I was fighting not to give in to panic - we were surrounded by an amazing circle of friends who are as close as family.  People who just show up in paralyzing moments and love on us...regardless of how messy it is or how few answers there are.
They are people who relinquish their quiet summer mornings to answer our cries for help, who grab their Bibles, stop their plans, and dive into the overwhelming consuming fire of ours.  Friends like this one - whos wives catch them from behind - encouraging, praying, texting Gods Word into our heart aching moment.
Men and women who are willing to get down and be real with us -
because their hearts are breaking right along with ours.
Friends who are rejoicing with us as we see order coming out of chaos
and hope rising out of despair.
Friends who held the other end of our rope on the days
when we reached the literal end of it.
May you be so blessed.


Mama Ds Dozen said...
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dorothy said...

Laurel - know I'm praying for you and would be the first one at your door if we were closer! Hugs and heart breaking, God honoring, tears from my heart to yours.
I love you.

Chris said...

Praise God for your support/prayer warriors!!
And feeling quite alone in our battles here in our little community in Wis, where few have walked our path, and even fewer even TRY to come along side us!!

AKBrady said...

Yep. Then, now, and always. Right? :)