Sunday, June 23, 2013

Living A Theraputic Life....

The phrase Therapeutic Parenting scares some people.  It sounds hard, it sounds scary, it sounds like a heck of a lot of painful grinding work with no guarantee of any sort of progress. In a nutshell - for those who live outside the adoption/trauma community - it means a sort of high-nurture, high structure environment that kiddos with trauma histories tend to do best under.

We have to do some Therapeutic Parenting in our household - but not as much as most people think - mainly because overall we have a Therapeutic Life (I think I just coined that word phrase - let me know if I am wrong.)  In our world everyone has different needs and we are ok with that.  Not in a loosy-goosy sort of way - but in a everyone has different abilities and disabilities one.  Because this is the life and the family that God has built we are intentionally creating a home, an ideology, a yard, a rhythm to our days that rather than stressing everyone out - is teaching balance and healthy emotional living.  Everything we do is part of the whole picture of moving forward toward the future.  With that in mind...........

We create safe spaces and rules that allow freedom with boundaries.
We nurture each individual as well as the group.
We understand the widening and narrowing of each persons privileges and the reasons they need to occur.
We protect truth and honesty.
We love ourselves.
We love God.
We are open to our neighbors.
We reach out to the hurting.
We know compassion.
We teach healing.
We pray.
We see difference and are comfortable with it.
We teach peace making and reconciliation.
We value healthy conflict skills.
And ownership of emotions/behaviors
and a world where doctors, psychiatrists, pastors, therapists and medications are not in conflict.
We celebrate success.
And grieve brokenness.
We seek out joy.
We teach each other how to fail...get up...and start again.
We suffer with those who are suffering.
We feel pain deeply and know that it isn't wasted.

We live a Therapeutic Life...with a Therapeutic a Therapeutic House ......and it is all Good....even on the hardest is good....because it is of God.

I'm sure I freaked a couple of you out with my posts recently.  Please forgive me.  The underlying issues are not mine to share - and because I can not share the rest of the story I need to withhold parts of my own and will demonstrate more restraint from now on.  Please trust that the God who placed our feet upon this path knows the end from the beginning - that He who ordained each day also knows the number of hairs upon my head and how many of them have turned a stunning silver over this past month.  Would you please pray that as June winds down and we wander into the joys of mid summer our hearts would find peace in the balance of a God-honoring, God ordained - Therapeutic Life.
(Which means swimming on the hardest days for sure!)

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Hilltrain said...

We appreciate knowing when extra prayer is needed. :)