Thursday, June 20, 2013

Let My Heart Be Broken......

Let my heart be broken
        by the things
              which break
                     the heart of God.

This desire is one penned by Bob Pierce of World Vision -  for  15 years I have prayed it over our household...seeking one of God's  particular blessings which only comes through suffering.  Sort of like praying for patience....those of us who have been blessed with it know it only comes one way -  through the trial of suffering -which is an utterly wacky thing to ask for.

But some of us are wacky enough to do it.

Over and over again.
So now,
as My heart is breaking
and Gods heart is breaking
I know this is not worthless suffering.
No matter how hard
No matter how far
No matter how deep
Because He is in it
and I am not alone.

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