Saturday, June 8, 2013

I have ideas and God has plans.......


This morning I woke up (a good sign that I got to sleep - since waking comes after sleeping) with the urge to blog but no idea what the topic was.  With a cup of coffee, four kids negotiating cereal with the youngest in the kitchen and the rest all tucked snugly in a vicks-vapo-rub and thera -flu induced sleep in their beds I curled up with my lap top. My pattern on mornings like this is pretty simple.  I'm pretty simple.
"Ok Lord.  Do you have a message for my heart to hear this morning?  And is there something I am supposed to share?"

My 'go to' start when I am struggling to write is our churches fighter verse program  - again when I opened my home page and read this weeks verse (yeah...five days after most people...but hey - it's the same week and I have been chanting it in one form or another all week long) I was thrilled to see James 4:13-14 which in the ESV says ...

 Come now, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit"—yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.

Ha!  HA! Bwahhhh! This is the theme of my life.  It's a bit long for a tattoo don't you think Julie? But it exactly explains what has happened in our lives - we had an idea- God had a plan - we realized that we really we not in control in the way we thought we were - and here we are today - understanding with a whole lot more clarity - exactly what it means to look forward to heaven.

It's not a bad thing.
It's a good thing.

For myself
I was an arrogant, foolish child.
I am sure that in many areas I still am.
I thought that I could change things that
really were not within my control.
Sort of like standing at the window and willing
the snow to stop falling
or the sun to shine
like aching so hard for someone  else's pain
that I thought I could make it go away if I
did something right
if I was something
or if I did something in exactly the right way
at the right time
like speaking magic words
it would be over
and they wouldn't have to suffer any more.
But that isn't real life
it was my idea
which didn't really understand the solidness
and depths of God's plan.
for turning our hearts away from this world
so that our hearts would turn
and long for
long for
and not just consider

Yes -
I have a thousand ideas about this life
and God has a plan for it -
and I am good with that.


Anonymous said...

You have long legs Dorothy:)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much for this post....the Lord used it to greatly encourage me today. You see, my husband and I adopted a sibling group of 7, and tomorrow our oldest (17 yo) from this group has chosen to leave our family and go live with her bio grandparents. Our hearts are breaking, but we are leaning on and trusting the Lord. Your words remind me that as much as I want to be, I cannot do the Holy Spirit's work in her life. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"We shall draw nearer to God, not be trying to avoid the sufferings inherent in all loves, but by accepting them and offering them to Him; throwing away all defensive armour. If our hearts need to be broken, and if He chooses this as the way in which they should break, so be it." From: THE FOUR LOVES by C.S. Lewis