Sunday, May 12, 2013

Giggles On Me......

Ha....this  mom thought she could salvage the 'church coffee' on Mothers Day by bringing her own GFIC personal size tub of creamers and adding a little more flavor to the otherwise weak (but economical!) brew that is offered on Sunday mornings.  My sneakiness was revealed as I handed out pens to the kiddos at the start of the sermon today and realized that the trickle down my leg was A. not caused by the potty training toddler....B. not a spilled communion cup C. not my own tears at the realization that my daughter who had just finished singing was old enough to have a boy friend....nope.  That trickle was a punctured creamer or two ....drip...drip..dripping through the bottom of my Eagle Creek bag and tricking into my favorite knee high boots.

Of course.

It was the perfect mothers day moment. :p

I had super sticky stuff running down the inside of my leg and NOTHING I could do about it.

Sort of a real-life picture of what being a mom is all about.  Out of control sticky stuff...all over me.  But it wasn't really a problem - shoot - I know a real problem when I see one and this didn't even stink a little but like a REAL fact it was a blessing in disguise because I got to leave church for a few minutes - all by myself to go dump my purse in the sink and rinse off the pens, my gfriends got a giggle, and in Gods good plans Caribou messed up my friend Jan's BOGO drink order so an hour later I was handed  a frozen frothy mint drink to replace the tepid church coffee I had resigned myself to drink with a happy heart. 

Happy Mothers Day Friends ..............Five More hours to enter the giveaway for my favorite adoption book!


Laine said...

LOVE this!
I had my communion cup spilled all over my skirt by my 5 year old today! It was AWESOME and I just laughed and laughed!
Happy Mother's Day to us!

Blessed said...

Ah ha ha! I love your outlook! And that other moms are sharing it. This didn't happen today, but it still might give you a chuckle--when we were at a Christmas Eve service with my in=laws at their church, I went to nurse my baby and then decided to pop into the restroom before going back into the main service and joining the family. Being my third baby, of course it was no problem to hold the baby in one hand while doing all the necessary stuff with the other--until the baby, unbeknownst to me, threw up *down into the leg of my pants just as I was pulling them up.* THat was quite a surprising sensation! Luckily the pants were new ones my MIL had just given me, and were thick cream fleece (they looked dressy when I first got them). So not much went through, and what did no one could see. But boy, could I feel it as I walked back to the service. . . and through the service. . . and when I hit the cold air after the service. ; )