Thursday, May 23, 2013

4:32am And All Is Well.....

It is quiet in the household.  The coffee has brewed, cat is fed, irritating cough abated and for an hour or so I know that this is my island of silence. Mmmmmm...wonderful.

Quiet is beauty to my soul.

The only sound is the ticking of the clock behind me and the early birds calling out before dawn.   In a house of 13 - with staff and friends and constant motion - stillness and silence is like gold.

My phone is next to me.  As I type it is downloading photos of the trip to Seattle.  Those flashes on the sidebar of my screen are making me smile.  My first grade teacher who we met in the street, my mother, the home I grew up in, Andy the owner of my favorite Chinese restaurant for 30 years, my baby sister.

People and relationships are beauty to my soul.

It doesn't take long (it is before 5 after all) and I need a refill on the coffee. Standing to refill the robins egg blue one is wonderfully excruciating.  My quads are sore! On Monday I was power hiking the hills of my hometown with Gift - my friend from high school who 30 years later had the nerve and strength to talk straight to me about my own strong willed -  bull in the china shop -  type-A self.  Thanks Gift - not many people out there brave enough to be honest with me about my personality - at leanst not many who live to talk about it.   :) Especially when I'm on a end of winter - got to blow off steam or I'm going to explode - mission like this last weekend. 

Truth-even when it hurts- is beauty to my soul.

On the counter behind me sits a new purse. Fool that I am it isn't locked in the safe - but I'm in the mood to live on the edge and it's making me happy to look at it and there is no gum in it.
It's a little edgy,  a little sexy and nothing about it says mamma.  Which is the point.  Hard to show in the photo but this particular purse...though it has pockets and places for all the things a girl really needs is not about babies.  This is the I think I am done with babies purse.  It's the 'wow....the 11th has gone 2 days without a diaper and only one pair of wet pants" purse.  It has a place for my perfume samples vs the diaper wipe pack and my kindle vs the extra change of toddler clothing.  Sure I may still need a pullup or two for our big kids with challenges but that's a different story.  This story is about me.  It's about remembering who I am, what I'm doing and how God made me.  Loud, fun and really ok as the person I am.  And I really had to buy matched my Urban Servant advocate cards almost exactly! :)

Being comfortable as myself is beauty for my soul.

It's 5:15 and the dawn is slowly coming. Another damp morning here in the Midwest which is strange for us this time of year. Usually March is the season for this sort of thing not the end of May.   I have another half an hour before the crew starts sliding down the stairs so I might just wander down to watch the city wake up.  I love being so close to down town.  I can walk three blocks, stand at the railroad tracks and see the highrise center as it begins to stir.  Not enough time to make it to the river - but enough to get one peek in at the larger world.

It is beauty for my soul to know I can walk freely some times.

Good morning friends - you are beauty for my soul.................


Anonymous said...

Dear Dorothy,
I'm just checking in after not doing so for a bit.
So glad you were able to have a change of scenery to recharge your batteries.
The intensity of our lives demand an occasional, if not regular, decompression. It's good for all involved. :)
Your bag is tres chic. Ooh la,la!

Your list resonates with mine.


Anonymous said...

loved the purse and the story around made me smile wide as I, too am only holding a few pullups here and there and just in case....