Monday, March 11, 2013

"Well Done Grandma Joyce....."

This morning Grandma Joyce passed on from this life and onto the next.  The months of pain are now behind her and she is well prepared to hear the words "Well done...good and faithful servant."  Life will be busy this week with details, arrangements and all of the things necessary to tie up the pieces of her life here in our community.  Already there is a Grandma Joyce shaped hole in our hearts - the sign of a life well lived.  May God be glorified in her passing as well as in her life.

This photo was from the 4th of July 2008.  The holiday we always celebrated in her front yard.....
Thank you to all who took the time to encourage her with us last month.  Her special box of Valentines was precious as she walked these last days - a reminder that she was loved.

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daysofwonderandgrace said...

You have all been blessed to have each other and I am grateful for that gift for you. And grateful you could pass her into the arms of Jesus. Praying for you. Carrie