Sunday, March 17, 2013

Healed or Human Error?

For 25 years my adopted Auntie Vi prayed that I would come to saving faith...she was behind me through the drama of my teens and the trauma and sadness of my twenties. Her hand painted birthday cards and constant presence in my life reinforced the deep love she had for me REGARDLESS of the state of my heart.

She loved me when I was wild and unhappy.
She loved me when I was cold and brittle.
She loved me when I was rude and offensive.
She loved me when I said I didn't like her Jesus.

Auntie Vi had plenty of reasons to pray for me....which she did .....and she continues today as my God appointed, tenacious prayer warrior.

Last month she heard about my medical 'eposoide' and the resulting stenosis in the vessels leading to my brain.  True to her calling - she bridged the 1600 miles between us horizontally with a beautiful card and vertically in prayer.  In her boldness she prayed complete healing over me  - in Jesus name - and trusted me to His plan. 

As I read over the report from my cerebral angiogram today and see words like 'no stenosis' and 'clear' it's easy to assume that the original MRI was wrong - that there was no actual narrowing or thickening of the arteries and that human error had taken us on a wild goose chase. 

Except that there had been an episode where I was unable to speak and my vision had tunneled - and two weeks later I had sat with the neurologist and the vascular neurologist as they pointed out the places on the MRI where they identified the stenosis.

Which poses the question.....
Did God choose to heal my arteries (as in a medical miracle) or was this simply a human error?

A question which might make some of you want to argue for one of the other... to prove or disprove that God exists.
But I don't really care - because 20 years ago the bigger question was answered for me - the one that revealed my sin as forgiven through Christ - an answer to my aching heart that makes a physical healing today no less wonderful....but a whole less important in the eternal scope of things.

So what do I think?

I think that this whole episode was a great reminder for me to take Mathew 9 at more than face value.  It reinforced the truth that whether I was healed on not - if there was a human mistake or not - I have a far more amazing reality to hold on to - the fact my sins have been forgiven.

What a amazing word.....forgiven.


Mama Ds Dozen said...
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Jodi M said...

As one of the people who witnessed first hand the trouble you had speaking, I'm rejoicing with you in the HEALING that was given to you.

Stacie said...

new to your space here, but so blessed by your words..and the Auntie Vi you had in your life..I have one of those and I KNOW that the Lord hears sins forgiven and a prayer warrior whispering your name forever in His blessed you are...thank you!

trooppetrie said...

That is a amazing praise, thank you for sharing. When we were pregnant with baby #2 we were told to have a D&C that she was not there anymore at 8 weeks and refused, at 20 weeks we were told she would be born with one kidney and downs. Again, I refused testing (what did it matter at birth) and today I have a strong healthy beautiful 12 year old with both kidneys. We serve an amazing God who is still in control