Monday, March 4, 2013

Caught Again: In The Judgement Seat.......

I am utterly thankful that God doesn't reveal all of our sin to us in one fell swoop - I think if he did I would simply melt into a puddle and refuse to breath again under the sheer enormity of it.  Who would have guessed - that 20 years into my journey as a believer in the Risen Christ I would still have my butt securely glued to the judgement seat.

But it's true.
Sadly my heart and mind still make snap judgments about people based on limited and often incorrect information.

I need to confess it.

How many times have I stood behind someone in line at a store and evaluated the contents of their shopping cart - comparing it to their assumed economic status and passed judgement on them?

Lot's of times - which isn't good when once is too much...........
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to the poverty stricken mom who buys pampers instead of Target generic....I don't know the reason behind that decision.  I can't stand as judge....

I'm sorry to the man at the grocery store who is buying Frosted Sugar Snaps and chocolate milk for his child.  I don't know your story......

I'm sorry to the neighbors who are on medical assistance and public subsidy who I have silently (and not so silently) stood in judgement over as I watched the pizza delivery truck arrive.

Today I stood at that crossroads myself.  Paperwork wasn't processed correctly and I needed to ask the pharmacy to re bill medications for kids who are covered under medical assistance.   In the ten minute processing wait I walked around the corner and bought a Starbucks coffee.

As I walked back to the counter it struck many times have I passed judgement over someone with a Starbucks cup in one hand and a medical assistance card in the other?

Caught dead to rights on that one.
I have done it.

Little does the pharmacy team know that my coffee fix is courtesy of my sweet friends Jan and Don who keep me well stocked with Starbucks cards.

Nope.  This time I was 'that person.'  The one who I have so carelessly passed judgment over so many times.  The one who 'dared' to buy a cup of coffee while participating in public assistance programs.
I felt the back end of the scenario and the slap of my own chronic habit of claiming the judgment seat.

Thank you God for showing me again my weakness and utter need for the truth about my own heart is slowly revealed.


inpursuitofatoolbox said...

thank you - hit me right where I needed it.

Mama Ds Dozen said...
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Anna R. said...

Thank you for this post. I have been on the receiving end of the judgement plenty, and yet it always hurts~you never get used to it. I will remember not to judge. It is so easy to do. And so destructive when we do.

Oldqueen44 said...

Yikes, that never feels good.

Pam said...

Finally getting around to commenting though I've been reading for months now.
Thank you, thank you for this post!!!
I am naturally a far too judgmental, cynical person.. Well actually some of it comes from hurts in the past more than from my natural bent... but either way I want to see things more through His eyes not my own. SO many things in everyone's life that just need more understanding and grace. Much of it is none of our business anyway...
Thank you!
Kaleigh A.

Melissa said...

wow, this was really convicting. Thank you for sharing, I needed to hear it. I don't know how many times I have complained about people on public assistance having a better phone than I have, cable tv when we don't, and I could go on. I don't know all of their stories and even I do in some cases, I need to get the plank out of my eye. Thank you, I am going to ask God for forgiveness and remember His grace in my own sinful life before I sit in the juggement seat.