Thursday, March 21, 2013

12 is a magic number......

 Speed's birthday was last Monday - I didn't post about it last week as we were caught up in the busyness and emotion of Grandma Joyce's passing - but 12 is a special number and I wanted to be sure I didn't just let it drift past.
Speed has been my baby ever since he was 12 weeks old - I actually think he was mine before that as God created a perfect place in my heart just for him - but he wasn't actually placed into my arms until that magic number 12. I need to go back and see what he weighed back might be another 12.Whatever he weighed in at I know that I LOVE who he is at 12.  
 He is funny,
and smart,
He is a delight
and a terror (in a good pre-teen boy way)
He keeps me honest
and thinking
and humble.
Because of him
I am both stronger and weaker.
He has made amazing growth
in his emotional control
and self confidence
Loves his siblings
and is a gifted handy man
(Which is good because he and his brothers
are also a tad destructive)
This child is a special gift
carrying a name that means
"God is Salvation"
He knows and loves the Truth
and longs for others to know it too.
Happy Birthday a week and three days are my precious son.

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