Monday, February 4, 2013

The Gift Of Standing Still.......

Rest isn't natural in most lives. There are seasons in our brimmingly full one where I feel the pressure of a speeding freight train closing in behind me - and almost hyperventilate. There is so much to be done and so many needs - that I find myself almost unable to move out of fear. 
Which is a good thing 
For this strong-willed powerhouse- 
Because it means I am paying attention.  
This life truly is fleeting. 
Though 80 years looks long to a child -
standing at 45 gives me a little more perspective. 
Those frozen moments are the ones which call my heart back to God. 
In the busyness of it all
I need to hear and remember why I do each thing 
and who I am serving with my life.
That sentence probably made some of you very uncomfortable.
I'm OK with that
Because I love you.
And I believe
everyone serves someone with their life.
Be it God
an unknown thing.
It's what we love.
Why we get out of bed in the morning
How we define our days.
January was a whole month of standing still.
No projects
No exercise
No stress allowed.
What I could have chaffed under-
the restrictions to what I
'normaly' do
The fear of the unknown
The loss of self-control.
Became a blessing.
The train was speeding past
and I didn't need to worry.
It wasn't my job-
It really never was.
Because I serve a God who
knows my end from my beginning
and who loves it when I stop
and let Him be God.
My month was full of beauty
and people
and an amazing outpouring of grace
from the one who loves me enough
to give me the precious gift
of standing still.



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