Friday, February 8, 2013

Six Inches Closer.....

This morning at a little after eight I had 10 kids, 100 or so valentines, treats, school bags and myself all geared up and headed to the van.

I didn't want to stop the positive flow out the door so instead of taking the two minutes to find and fill my travel mug with coffee I grabbed the little tubs of GFI creamer and slipped them in my pocket - I could wait 25 minutes and have coffee with my friends in support group.

At the end of our street I turned left instead of right because I felt like going a different way to co-op.  Which made several kids panic...because I have never done that and couldn't explain why...except to say it 'felt' like I was supposed to take this other route.

A mile from the house I was driving down the right lane of a 4 lane street.  A very large flatbed truck was pulling up on my left side and passing me.

It was really close.

And then it got closer....and closer.

And it was going too fast - and really too close.

And I was already pulled as far to the curb as I could go without flipping the van on the snow bank.  And I knew it......

Thank God I had both my hands on the wheel - no coffee to distract me.
Thank God I saw it coming and was was as far over as I could be...
Thank God that the two by four that stuck out from the side of the truck and was spacing the piles of re bar hit my side mirror and shattered it.....

Because as it passed me he was still merging into my lane.

Six inches closer and it would have gone through my drivers side window - at neck level.

Six inches closer and 3 seconds earlier and it would have gone through the window in the side of the van - where four rows of children sat.

Six inches closer,3 seconds earlier and one distraction more and I might not have been hugging the snow banks and watching him.  He was going fast enough to knock us right off the road - up a snow bank -  and very likely flipped and crashed into a tree.

But God was in He is in all things.

Both hands were on the wheel - I was aware - and the spacing and timing were perfect.  God was in the details and all we 'lost' was the glass off our side mirror.  Which almost seems silly as I replay that truck moving in on me and the wood coming toward my broke the mirror?

That was God's plan for this day.
A reminder that He is in charge of the details of every day...not just he big things but the little ones also that make all the difference in the world.

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Learning Together at Home said...

So thankful for the details! There was something profound in reading this post directly after your last one. Praise be to God!