Saturday, February 9, 2013

Buying Goats or Girls?

I hate the title of this blog post. Gut wrenching - throw up on my computer - and start smashing things level of hate. Last month I shared my friend Erin's blog and her fundraising efforts for the anti-human trafficking "Exodus Road"  campaign.  And the idea that people can be bought and sold as easily as goats got under my skin. Reponding to that we stepped in financially, explained it to the kiddos and prayed over it at family meeting.

This week another friend stepped forward in the battle against human trafficking and asked if my kids wanted to be involved.

Which made me pause for a moment - and start to churn.
My kids?
Do they really need to step up and battle this horrible darkness when there are so many adults who should stand in the gap and care about those who are powerless?!

Thankfully the angry voice in my head wasn't louder than the quiet one in my heart.
The children.
These children.
Who have sat down and shared meals with drug dealers, convicts and the homeless.
Who have stood with us in the gap when abused women have needed shelter and the addicted needed hope.
These kids who know that our neighbors have names
and stories
and not just a list of crimes or disabilities.
These kids who know that a huge brothel filled with trafficked women
used to run within eye site of our second floor.

These kids
who have been saving up their change and shoveling dollars all winter to help buy more goats through Beauty For Ashes Uganda to encourage single moms.

These kids
who I handed their hard earned allowance today and asked if I could share that email with them.
Who listened soberly as I explained that $90 could buy a slave in our world today and that my friend Brandi is raising funds under She's Worth It ...just like Erin help fight the battle.  I explained that just like they could use their money to buy goats they could also choose to step into the darkness and help end slavery.  Investing in hope and a future for someone who had none.

Those same kids got the Goat Jar - voted yes and said it was just 'called' the Goat Jar - but that this time the money should go to freeing women - and they got down to business counting....pennies,  nickles and dimes.

Who then added from the cash in their hands  - and were thrilled to discover that they had more than enough in the jar to cover the number in our hearts.
$50.00 from the kids
$50.00 from the parents
$100 is more than the cost of a slave....because we agree.
She (who ever she is) is worth it.

Which left them with a handful of coins to start the jar again.
and their mama in tears,
As the children once again..... lead her in faith.


Lou Ann said...

When I read your posts, I wish I could turn back the clock and have my kids all around my table and not at tables of their own to pass on more, engage them more, and teach them by example and participation to love even more extravagantly than we attempted while they were under our roof. Thank you as always for your continual demonstration generous grace and giving.

ColleenaMareena said...

Hi Dorothy,

I won your copy of Priceless last year, and just finished reading it this morning. Would you like to host another giveaway, and I can mail it to the new winner? Or I can pass it on to a friend. Thanks for your post, your love, and your excellent example to your children.

Natalie said...

So proud of you and your kids. Beautiful, moving...bravo.