Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If You Give A Mom A Half A Cow......

How long does five laundry baskets of beef last a family of 13?
It depends.....
Like in the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie." book.

If you give me a half a cow....
and it's cut up in tasty packages.

I can't help but share it.
Because its soooooo good
and so special.
And as one of God's warehouse managers
my job isn't to hoard
but to bless...

Not that we wont 'need' it.
shoot -
with 7 boys we could gnaw through several cows.
And it would look like this.....

But if we shared it.....
with the widow who was making hot dish
and with families who didn't have enough.

With a pack of pastors
and a pile of young families
as a birthday treat.

If those five baskets fed
not 13
but 85 or 100
I wouldn't really  be able to answer the question
how long?
but maybe the question would become
how happy?
how freely?
how joyfully?

And the answer
from this manager
of Gods Cow warehouse
is 'yes.'

We were blessed
and so were they.


GB's Mom said...

You make an excellent manager!

Blessed said...

I love how you look at it as your job to share blessings! I don't hear anyone else sharing this view of life, and it is such a great one--so good for us all to get to see how blessed you are in sharing and blessing others, so good for us to evaluate our own sharing habits, and to question if we are managing our material goods (and time, etc) as if they were God's and not ours. . . Thank you for challenging me!

Lou Ann said...

This late fall I shared half a cow with my son and daughter in law. This was the first for me to do such a thing (and then we lost power for almost a week after Sandy but all was saved). I am now on the look out for who I can share some of my packages with! I have followed your example many times, as with the advent basket, and am excited to see what future challenge you will motivate me to.