Friday, December 28, 2012

"Your Library Card Is Set To Expire..."

This morning's inbox brought a smile to my face.  There was an email from the Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs informing me that my library card was going to expire if I didn't renew it soon. 

Which made me smile.

January marks three years since we left home for the Colorado adventure, two years since we returned and 18 months being back in our home.  It would be easy to think that it was 'nothing more' than a year away - like a sabbatical - but for the sake of the family I have to remember it wasn't.  We left with no intention of returning and the realty is that we all bear scars from the experience.

But they are scars now - not open wounds and stability has slowly been returning to our household.

I think it's OK to let my library card expire and to quietly close the door on that chapter of our story.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Dorothy!