Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's That sound?!

Conversation this morning between myself and a child who struggles with fear and anxiety....

"Mom, WHAT is that scraping sound?" (with a wavery little quiver in his voice and a look that said 'is feels dangerous?')

Me "That's the sound of shoveling."
Him "Shoveling what?"

Me" Shoveling snow - I guess you don't remember that - we didn't have very much last year."

Him "OK." (with a noticeable drop in his hyper alert level.)

Not profound on the surface - but being able to watch his defenses lower once I explained what it was is really huge. It's a sign of progress and brings incredible hope into my heart this morning as we bundle up and head off to church....once the shoveling is done and the coco drunk.

Happy first day of snow Minnesota........

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Berta D said...

What are the yummy looking muffins they are eating? I am glad you are able to see progress