Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today I flew through some of the last  details of a neighbors home repair project - and was blessed by these sweet words.

"You have given us the very best present this year - a contractor who is trustworthy."

These neighbors - who we totally LOVE - are both wheelchair bound and struggling to keep a house in repair that has passed the 20 year mark.  That means that they are constantly being treated to the endless entertainment created by my emergency repair skills which lean heavily into duct tape, plumbers putty, metallic pipe tape and a mismatched variety of tools that I pull out of my magic red bag.   Always with a flourish and the reminder that they 'should never try this alone at home."

But I can only do so much and this year their overwhelming need intersected with a community grant program and we teamed up to tackle a pile of the much needed repairs and accessibility updates.

I managed the paperwork side of the project, the scheduling and the gathering of necessary materials, they took a deep breath, signed the paperwork and turned over control to me and Weldon Broberg.  It wasn't easy for them - they have been mistreated by other contractors and this required them to take a blind step and trust my word that he was different.

As I gathered up the remenats of the projects today and heard the sweet praise of this man who is one of my favorite brothers in the faith - I was thrilled.  At the end of a dark and dreary week - where the radio brought overwhelming news of death and despair - hearing the praise of an honest, upright and trustworthy man brought joy to my heart.

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