Sunday, December 2, 2012

Runover Rody Friday .....

 By Friday morning this week I was wearing this same dazed look as Mama Rody.  My family was in chaos and fractured all over the place and the list of things which really had to be done was far longer than I could possibly conquer.  It was a day spent swimming through nasty mud with occasional fits of stress(and hormone) related hysteria.  But it ended.

Those days always do.
And then the next day starts.
And I pray that it isn't a repeat.
(Please Lord....not another!)

Thankfully it wasn't.

But I was feeling a little tacky with the contents of my refrigerator displayed in laundry baskets outside...

And a little apprehensive when the men had to literally squeeze the new refrigerator through the back door.

And since I had to leave immediately for a meeting - I took preventative measures to protect the doors from exuberant investigators until I could get home.  Thanking God that we haven't run a waterline to the fridge yet so the busy hands couldn't play while I was away. 
But this is the final result - through the blessing of anonymous friends our soon-to-be pushed-off-a-cliff and too broken to be a garage fridge - is now replaced.  And in a few weeks it may even dispense the ice that my crazy pica self always craves.
Thank you God for the mercies that are new every morning and for the relief that comes when others reach into a hurting world and do crazy things in your name.
And for the record....both me and Rody are feling better today
and maybe just a little bit silly.


One Thankful Mom said...

Hannah and I got a good laugh at the stuffed animal protecting the new frig doors.

daysofwonderandgrace said...

Your new fridge is beautiful! What a blessing!

I was thinking the same thing about the 'protection'! :) I'm shopping for some non-latex, stick-on strips of 90 degree angle corner cushioning material for new sheet rock corners coming soon to my kitchen. I'll let you know what I find because it would stick really well to your 'tile.' :)

Rick and Heather said...

It's beautiful Dorothy! God is good!