Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Blog To Share: Old Problem To Face......

Ever wonder who and what I read?  Sometimes I leave hints here as I review books, quote passages and link over to blogs - other times I keep the content closer to my heart chewing on and wrestling with the things which gnaw at me.

Erin Kirk (a real friend from childhood) blogs over at Going To The Sea,  recently she has been encouraging us (the larger 'us' of the blog-reading world) to care about human trafficking and the sex trade and to partner with her in changing life for even one victim between now and the end of the year.

Trafficking is a huge issue to me - it's heart breaking in it's reality and utterly destructive in it's methodology.  While we were in Colorado I had the chance to work a little with Tom Davis and Bob Mudd at Children's Hope Chest, Tom's books Priceless and Scared helped me to understand the reality of where orphans find themselves when they lose the support of their family and communities.  I still carry with me a comment he made at Summit 2010......he said that "1% of those involved in human trafficking are able to get out...which means that 99% live and die within that tragic reality."

I hate it.
Not her blog
Not what Tom said
Not what they are writing.

I hate the sex trade in general
and human trafficking even more.

It makes me sick.
And because it's real we have to keep
crying out to God
looking like deranged freaks
while most of the world turns away
saying this is no big deal.

Which breaks my heart.
Because I know women
Who are prostitutes
None of them 'do it' because they like to
Trust me
That's a lie made up to allow us to overlook them.

They do it because they have no hope
No options
No choice
No voice.

I know teens who are haunted -
thousands of miles
and years away
from those who stole their innocence.

They are still watching
still flinching
still waiting.
Hyper diligent
because they had to be...
have to be
in order to hold themselves together.
Because they couldn't stop what happened.

My friend Erin is raising fund this month to back one brothel raid.  She is working toward one moment in time where $1400 might make the difference between life inside, and life outside the sex trade.

I donated.
and I wish I had more to send.
Because bringing freedom to anyones future is worth more than two lattes.
Or a ticket to a movie
or another dinner out.

Would you consider linking over to see if you have $10 to share - if in reading her blog your heart cries out at the injustice of human trafficking and the reality that we can be senders behind the men and women who are sometimes literally and other times metaphorically, kicking in the doors and setting captives free.



inpursuitofatoolbox said...

Thanks for sharing. Gave and shared. We must care about this.

Emily said...

Dorothy- an incredible young artist (a CHALK artist!)- who loves Jesus is selling this beautiful print and all proceeds this month go to an organization that provides after care for sex trafficking survivors... check it out?


Erin Kirk said...

Dot! We got funds because of you! To think that a woman as busy as you has time to blog for us, blows my mind. Thank you so much. I'd blog about this 20 times a day if I thought people would read it. God bless you abundantly my friend.