Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Is Well With My Soul.......

June 14, 1996 Steam was a 4.5lb newborn - this photo was taken with my friend Jackie, Pastor John and his precious daughter Talitha.
Much has changed in the past 16 years.  Those babies in our arms are now now driving and well on their way into adult life.  Suffering has visited both our families in season and today he preached his last sermon as Sr Pastor at Bethlehem.
It was sweet and oh so painful
to linger in the reality that
a season in our life has passed.
Where this man brought us the Word
week after week
year after year
pouring living water
over my parched soul.
Even if I only caught a few minutes
of a sermon
because I was walking a child
or was simply
 too tired to think
 past quieting the kids in my lap.
 He broke it down
and whispered truth and hope
 into my heart.
Hope in Jesus.
At some point my
started joyfully running
to hug him
and other pastors
after each service.
Showing us
slower adults
how we should react
to those who bring us
Good News
and lead us in worship -
those who draw us closer to
Eighteen years - less the one away
God used this mans
weak and human
to remind me
to suffer well.
To not wish away
the hard things
and to not run from the weight
of reality.
And in the suffering
and through the darkness
and under the crushing
pressure that might
have consumed me.
I heard the call of Christ-
 reminding me that always
even in times of suffering and sorrow
I can truly say
it is well with my soul.
Blessings over you Pastor John may it be well with your soul......


Blessed said...

When I realized that you were at John Pipers church some time back, I was so happy for you. His writing changed my life in college, and I LOVE everything I know about his life ministry. I loved knowing you were in a church that had THAT kind of heart, and THAT kind of leadership from the pulpit. May God raise up more leaders like him throughout America!

Melissa said...

I don't know John Piper personally, but I feel like I do through reading his books and listening to some of his online sermons. God has and I am sure will continue to use him in His kingdom.

Beth Nordquist said...

Nitpicking, but Talitha wasn't born until October of '95 - a month after Mim. Picture must be simmer of 96 - which matches the 16 years you referenced. ;-)

In any case, I join you in hearty and heartfelt thankfulness for years of Pastor John's faithful ministry to the church and to my own soul.

dorothy said...

Beth...too funny - you are totally right! Steam was born in June of 1996 not 1995 - too man ykids to keep the years straight!