Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Car Prowlers And Bad Smells.......

Sunday morning someone riffled through our big van again and threw the contents all over the interior.  But this time nothing was stolen......instead it looked like something/someone caused them to pause in their looting and simply walk away.  Seriously.....the CD's were still on the front consol, the change was in the change holder and even the pile of Halloween candy was moved but not taken. 

And there was a horrible smell in the van......like a baby bottle that had been dropped over the back of a seat in the summer....or a gallon of milk that leaked and spoiled on the carpet.  Not a nice smell....nope.  Definitely a smell to be reckoned with.

I even joked about it as we drove to church....maybe the bad smell chased them off. HA!  That will teach them to mess with our car....it's probably a poop diaper that someone forgot to take out or some other surprise that I was sure to uncover later in the day when I would have time to investigate.

By the time church was over the smell was worse...and it didn't take long for us to find the rotting steaks which some curious child had unwrapped on our trip back from the butcher and then hidden under their seat to avoid trouble.


No...NOT nice.  Ishy....and smelly and messy. 

But funny.
Because something made the bad guy stop looting our van.......I'm going to hold onto my idea that it was this rotting steak.  It makes me smile to think of their surprise if they did reach under the seat and get a handful of that! :)


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Always a bright side.

:) :) :)

TheLazyJ said...

Oh goodness! I'm smiling to think how God would use beef to bless you even in this way! But, UGH! What a stink!!!