Thursday, November 1, 2012

But It's MINE!.........

Recently we have been shifting into another new season with the kids - as important as consistency and predictability is to them they are also constantly growing, changing and needing modifications made to their environment.  This week we are trying out a new bedroom arrangement to see if we can accommodate these expanding needs.  It's high time for the three little boys (who will be 5,5,3) this winter to have their own space instead of being tucked into the corners of other peoples rooms. 

Yesterday we began the shuffling game all over again.
And I didn't like it.

This time the shuffle wasn't boys moving from one floor to another - it was me releasing my fierce grip on the master bedroom and moving back into the 'suite' at the top of the stairs.  It makes total logical sense.  I understand it from the safety, space and reality standpoint.

But like Laughter says...."I no like it!"

Now I have said it out loud I can release it.  I know it's for a season.....and that it is the right decision.  It's funny to see what things I haven't released yet as we continue to walk the path less traveled.


Anonymous said...

I love it! I love that you voice what I think so often, there are days when I'm totally in the groove of this big amazing family and suddenly I find myself in my "pre-kid" days wondering why I'm not driving the luxury car or heading for an exotic location for a few umbrella drinks on the beach. We have also given up the master bedroom and bath for the kids in a previous season but that season has passed. Blessings to you! Mommamary2many

Mama D's Dozen said...

Oh the Bedroom Shuffles we have done. :)

We joke that our rooms are getting smaller due to the layers and layers of paint from the re-decorating.

At one time . . . we lived in 1400 sq. ft with 7 children. Papa and Mama had to give up our Master Bedroom and move onto the hideabed in the playroom for a season. Giving up my actual bed was the most difficult part.

A few years down the road . . . we lived in about 1800 sq. ft. (in a 1916 dilapidated farmhouse) with 10 children. We had to build ourselves a triple bunk bed since the bedroom was too small to even hold a bunk and a twin bed.

Then we moved into a larger house in town . . . and quickly had to tear out the "hot tub room" in order to make it into a bedroom. So sad to have to cut the hot tub up to get it out of the room.

We now have 2 boys in rooms of their own. The old hot tub room is now a library. It is WEIRD having only 4 children at home (when we had 11 at home just 4 years ago). While we do enjoy a little extra space . . . we certainly miss all of our Big Kids.

Blessings to you, My Friend!

Laurel :)

NoMatterWhatMom said...

Ditto what Mommamary2many said. We have only three children, but all have significant hidden disabilities and we twist ourselves into pretzels trying to meet all of their needs. I don't mind and I don't have any regrets about making them our forever children. But it is really, really hard to meet their needs on most days. As a mom, I try not to have any more "needs" than absolutely necessary because I don't have the time or resources to see that they get met. No human power can meet all of the needs in our home. Family, friends, church, and mental-health supports are wonderful, but without God, my leaky bucket just doesn't stand a chance. I appreciate the being real part so much and God is the most real being there is.

e&e said...

We just had our fourth sweet daughter, but with that means we will most likely be giving up our huge master bedroom with bathroom (shower, double sinks, panoramic view and jacuzzi tub!) to convert it into a girls' room. And we'll inherit their tiny room over the garage.

Thanks for your honesty, Dorothy. I "no like" having to give up my bedroom, but I REALLY REALLY like all my children! I suspect you do too.