Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Fools! No MA For Us..............

As a middle class mom with zero experience dealing with Medical Assistance before this winter I am stunned at the mis -management of this critical and enormous state program.   Barb posted her experience with them in January 2012 when they cancelled her daughter Akila's MA because they lost or hadn't processed her paperwork for the 6 month financial review and April 1 the same thing happened to us.

The first hint came a week ago when the mailman brought us a letter stating that because we hadn't provided them with the required paperwork the kids MA would be dropped on 4/1/12.

So I called my financial team and the helpful member said......

Yes.  The paperwork that they required to prove we were still eligible was received and scanned into their system on 3/2/12. (The first day it could be turned in for a  4/1 date was 3/1/12)

Nope. There was nothing else we could do to to make this work easier. 

Nope. There was nothing that could be done to ensure that our coverage would continue for the prescriptions, therapists and specialists appointments we have scheduled for the first week of this month.

Maybe MA would cover it later if we paid up front.

Maybe.  The CSG/Staffing funds that we use to hire helpers would be released for the month.  But maybe not.


Today we went to the doctor and picked up prescriptions without MA.  The April Fools joke was on me for believing that if I followed the rules and was meticulous in my paperwork I could stay out of the chaos I see MA causing my friends.  At least I am in good company.


Sarah Lowenberg said...

That happened to use our first year of review - but since then I've gotten really good at connecting with my various team and ensure they have the documentation. And since then (knock on wood) we haven't had an issue. Now I just hope and pray my good luck keeps working.

Life Unbound said...

What a mess! And how frustrating! Guess this is just a heads-up on what we have to look forward too.

Carrie said...

Hmmm...I this six month financial review a CSG thing?? I haven't had any problems with MA (I'm not even aware we have a six month financial review)....Or is it maybe different between counties (you and Barb being in the same one; I'm not) or perhaps between TEFRA and straight MA?? I'm sorry you're going through this!

Megan said...

This has happened to us, too. Different county from you as well. We were able to get it reinstated and started immediately. We have the greatest worker ever, though.

I'm praying that they can fix their error and you can get reimbursed.

Blessings on your Monday!