Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vision Therapy....What We Learned Over the Past 4 months.....

Friday Josh and I completed his 16 weeks of Vision Therapy.  It was a long haul with appointments at all sorts of awkward times and the added pressure of practicing our homework in between sessions.  Some weeks it was fun and easy - other weeks it was neither and I just wanted to cancel our remaining sessions and register him for public school.  I admit to days when I was ready for this to be any ones problem to deal with but mine - I was tired, I was cross, the other kids were in chaos when we went to these sessions and we were making no progress because he was refusing to even try to work with the therapist.  No eye contact, no words, no attempting to follow instructions...just a slouched body, blank face and absolute refusal to do the simple tasks that we needed to master in order to train his eyes to work together.   Thankfully that wasn't all the sessions or every homework set we attempted - but it was about 50% which was enough to keep me standing on that 'are we doing this or not' fence..  Perfectly frustrating and perfectly normal with my FASD kiddos.

In the final wash we did manage enough practice and participate in enough sessions to see progress in his abilities.  Some of the things we did surprised me - I now have a 3inch binder full of exercises and practice sheet masters that I can use with him and our other kids in the future.  The ones that I liked best (because they are areas I know he really struggled in) is one that had him look at a series of symbols that told him to move one particular portion of his body - R hand, L hand, both together, rfoot, lfoot etc... watching his brain scramble that up for the first few weeks was revealing, as was what happened later as he mastered the exercise and could do it perfectly.  The other one that I liked was a sequential one - ABCD or 1234 where he had to track down a line of random letters/numbers to find the next one in the sequence and then circle it.  It meant he had to 'see' through the noise of the other letters and find a particular one....really good for him also.

As a mom I was surprised at how many of the Vision Therapy exercises I would have put into another camp of remediation or therapy.  But that goes back to an earlier post (I'd link it if I could remember it!) on the complimentary overlap I see in all of  various methods and therapies that we use with our kids.

In the end I would say that it was definitely worth investing the last four months in Vision Therapy...and I am sure glad that we are done for now!

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Donna said...

Thanks for posting this. I am sure we are heading towards vision therapy in the next month. Good to hear you were able to see some change in such a short time.