Monday, May 3, 2010

Vote to Spread the Word....

Last week (Sub) Urban Servant was nominated for a blog award over at i am mommy. Voting opened today for several categories - (Sub) Urban Servant being under the 'inspirational' heading - which I think is pretty funny in itself. This blog exists for many reasons. It started as a way for our distant family to keep connected with the growing brood then morphed into an adoption, FASD and hidden disabilities support site with my sidebar friends. It's always been based on our love of Jesus and our ultimate desire to serve him wherever we are.

I'm not sharing this for myself (I actually hate this type of contest) ...but I believe that the more we talk about and share the realities of FASD, hidden disabilities and adoption the more things can change for the better. I see this as an opportunity to spread the word that we are talking about these hard topics at (Sub)Urban Servant (and friends) and to invite others in.

Here is the link to the i am mommy site and the poll - just in case anyone agrees that it's worth it to get the word out on these issues - one blog, one email, one sentence at time. Trusting God to use the Internet for His glory as well as this cracked pot.

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