Sunday, May 30, 2010


I watch my child
thrashing in his sleep.
Never resting,
Always fighting,
And crawling,
And crashing into things
in his half awake state.

No crib padded thick enough.
No bed wide enough.
No floor clear enough.
To stop him slamming
into things.

And wonder....
Is this FASD,
or genetics?
Is it for the Neurologist,
or Sleep Clinic
to sort out.
If we can sort it out.

What is life like
if you never rest?
If your body never relaxes
how do you function?
What does it mean to be two
and unable to sleep?


TheHappyNeills said...

:''( praying for your sweet one to have sweet rest.

Natalie said...

Oh, Dot, that poor darling. I am glad you are there to help. It was exhausting to merely imagine for a moment what such a restless life must be like for a child...

Judy said...

I cry for my son a lot. I can feel his pain and his frustration and it kills me that I can't fix it for him. Our children deserve their childhood. They deserve peace and love and comfort. Sometimes my prayers just don't seem like they are enough to bring about the peace that I wish for him (our son). However I have to remind myself that God loves His children more than we (his mothers) do. That brings me some peace but I still struggle.

(sorry for always adding something...This is a subject I am very passionate about :) )

God Bless!

Anna said...

My heart drops like a stone, reading this.

Blessed said...

oh, how sad. Dorothy, if he cannot sleep, I wonder if his issue could be something like what I read about in a magazine a year ago, where there was a little boy who could not sleep at all, and it turns out there was a problem with the way his skull was not growing in the back and as his brain had grown it got squeezed and so he could no longer sleep. Once they figured out the problem they did surgery on his head (I seem to recall it was right above the spinal cord?) and then he was fine, normal, could sleep.

Just throwing that out there, since I am sure I would want to know every wild possibility if it was my child!