Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dorothy's Big, Dangerous Hammer.....

I understood that Dorothy's Big hammer was a dangerous tool.... I have kept it away from the kiddos for obvious reasons but thought that I would be able to wield it safely. Perhaps I was wrong. After pounding three 18 inch spikes into our Colorado hard pack yesterday I came up with a very sore forearm and this lovely bruising. Wonder if I gave myself a fracture - at least it wasn't due to bad temper this time only hard ground.


Donna said...

Oh looks so painful. Praying it is not broken!!

Maybe you need a different hammer!

Natalie said...

OW! That looks painful...but, with all due sympathy, very woman-with tools-macho too. You OWN that hammer. It cannot beat you. Embrace the hammer. Good will prevail.

And if that doesn't work, go have another cup of coffee.