Friday, August 28, 2009

A Unwanted Break from the ILS....

We broke the ILS Focus. More specifically I suspect we have loosened one of the wires in the head set because one side is dead. Though it is unfortunate, I am actually surprised that it endured this long. Lily is really hard on anything electronic and though I was with her almost every minute of the sessions, there were my odd departures to the bathroom or to change a babies diaper and each time I returned she had them off and was fiddling with them.

Today I will be packing it up and sending it off to Colorado for repairs. I think it is a testimony to how much affect it has had on our son that I am really sad to do this and take a break in his therapy. He is on session 40 and it has changed his life (and therefore mine!) immensely.

Here are four tangible reading improvements I have noted since we started the ILS in June and that are standing out today.

1. He reduced his speed on a LEXIA time test from 138 seconds to identify words as the computer speaks them to 47 seconds.
2. He is sounding out words now. Try learning to read without sounding out words - it's almost impossible. But he couldn't do it and now he is!
3. He can do the LEXIA reading program without headphones. It seems that he can filter out the background sounds of life better now and 'hear' only the ones he is focusing on. There was no way I would have even considered letting him do this in June.
4. His vowels are distinct now. Before he often seemed to be talking like he had cotton wool in his mouth. Everything was muffled and blurred together - endings were lost and the cadence was strange. Now he is speaking much more distinctly.


Christy O said...

Can you share what this program is? I have a son who might benefit from this and am very curious. I will google the LEXIA program, but if you have anywhere to direct me, I would appreciate it!

dorothy said...

Thanks Christy - I added links to the ILS site and to my pervious posts.